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            This department is the largest and most popular. It is open to all persons throughout the World who are concerned with Health and Scientific Research. The founder Department Head was late DR. DARA R. HAKIM. The International Advisory Board Head was Late LORD PANDIT PROF. DR. SIR ANTON JAYASURIYA.Chairman MEDICINA ALTERNATIVA INTERNATIONAL OF OIUCM in Sri- Lanka.

            Zoroastrian College conducts lectures in Bombay, and Training Seminars in Gujarat/Maharashtra /Tamil Nadu/Karnataka on various subjects; and also Diploma Courses throughout India and also in some foreign countries such as Canada, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Kazakstan, Germany, Japan, Tajikistan, England, Ecuador, USA ,

            There are over 30 Professors, all working Honoris Causa, who are specialists in their respective fields who conduct the Training Courses in India and also foreign countries. The wide range of health subjects and Scientific Research subjects included in this department are indicated below:

             Acupuncture, Acupressure, Ayurveda, AURA, Aroma Therapy, BIO-TESTING and BIO-THERAPY, Bio-Physics, Bio-Chemics, COLOUR-THERAPY, CHAKHRAS, Chinese Feng-Shui, Crystal Therapy, Distance Healing, Divine healing, Electro Homoeopathy, ELECTROCRYSTAL THERAPY, Flower Remedies, - Indian & Foreign, Glands and Hormone Therapy, Gems therapy, Hakimry, Unani, Hypno Therapy, Iridology, Reiki, Japanese Touch Healing, KIRLIAN AURA DIAGNOSIS, Kundalini Yoga, Laser Therapy, MAZDAYASNIE 16 CHAKHRAS DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM, Magnet Therapy, MEDICAL ASTROLOGY, MUSIC & SOUND Therapy, 6TASTESNARI-VAID System, Nutrition and Diet, Vitamins and Minerals, Natural Herbal Medicine, Nature Cure, Neuro therapy, P.I.P AURA PHOTOGRAHPY , Pyramids and Shapes Therapy, Pendulum dousing, Radiesthesia, Radionics, Raj Yoga, Spiritual Healing, SPECTRO CHROMETRY, Siddha system, Su Jok Acupressure and Acupuncture,  TeleTherapy, Transcendental Meditation, Urine Therapy, Yoga,  amongst other Health Care methods.

            Since 1986 Zoroastrian College has organised regularly every year in January the MEDICINA ALTERNATIVA INTERNATIONAL WORLD CONGRESS, which is attended by doctors from many countries of the World and persons interested in health care from all over India.

            Through the World Congresses, the people of India have greatly benefited by the new and latest health care methods brought to India by specialists from foreign countries. The following are some instances of outstanding benefit:

(A)  SPECTRO CHROME METRY SCIENCE OF COLOURS OF LIGHT –discovered by Late. COL. DR. DINSHAH GHADIALI –and taught by Late DR. DARA HAKIM to DR. MEHER MASTER-MOOS, is now reinforced in the 21st century by TACHYON LIGHT ENERGY HEALING, brought from Germany by Prof. Dr. SIEGFRIED HERMERDING, in January 2000, and from USA by Dr. S.K. RAMESH in May 2001 World Congresses. In 2002, 2003 and 2004 World Congresses. Malaysia took good interest in  Colour therapy and started a training centre in 2004.

(B)  Late REV. DR. FRED FOX of England was the pioneer of BIOTESTING & BIOTHERAPY method of diagnosis and treatment. Through Zoroastrian College he has trained selected doctors from almost all the states in India in this effective and inexpensive method of removing toxins from the body. Thanks to this specialised training programme between 1993 and 1997, Bio-Therapy Health Care Method BENEFIT IS NOW ENJOYED BY PEOPLE IN INDIA RANGING FROM THE FAMILY OF THE Late VICE PRESIDENT OF INDIA TO THE POOREST VILLAGER. Also Dr. B. Lakshmi, Trainer for India, carried out Vedic Flowers Bio-Therapy research in the forests in India to manufacture Bio Therapic medicine from Indian Herbal Plants.

    (C)  KOREAN DR. PARK JAE WOO is the pioneer of SU JOK ACUPUNCTURE AND ACUPRESSURE system. He first came to India in the 1992 World Congress. His method is so very effective that allopathic doctors in India trained in Classical Chinese Acupuncture were quick to learn from him; and now within less than a decade, Su Jok Training Academies have been established in Chennai-Madras, Kolkata-Calcutta, Delhi, Mumbai-Bombay and several other places in India. The benefit of this method of treatment has spread all over India not only in cities but also to poor village areas.

(D)    KIRLIAN AURA PHOTOGRAPHYwas originally discovered in U.S.S.R by SEMOYAN & VALENTINA KIRLIAN. Since 1978, Zoroastrian College President, DAME DR. PROF. MEHER MASTER-MOOS is the pioneer in India of aura diagnosis through Kirlian photography using Chinese Meridian System. For the first time Maharashtra Mantralaya documented the patients at the G.T. Hospital treated by acupuncture by allopathic doctors using KIRLIAN AURA PHOTOGRAPHS in November-December 1980.  Since then ZOROASTRIAN COLLEGE IS RENOWNED WORLDWIDE AS ONE OF THE PREMIER INSTITUTIONS  FOR TRAINING STUDENTS IN THE USE OF AURA TECHNOLOGICAL EQUIPMENT DEVELOPED IN U.K., GERMANY, U.S.A., U.S.S.R. AND INDIA. Students, who are mostly doctors, come from many countries to India to learn this science. DR. THORNTON STREETER is largely instrumental in bringing the P.I.P. System of Electro Crystal Therapy of DR. HARRY OLDFIELD of England into India and popularising it here in India.  He is in charge of the Zoroastrian College section of Aura Health Human bio energetic field Research.

 Malaria research for treatment and prevention is a major benefit in India. Research in H.I.V. Is a benefit to humanity.