TAJIKISTAN – DEPT. HEAD – PROF. DR. RUSTOM FUZAYLOV, of Khujand, Tajikistan Technological University stayed at Z. C. in Sanjan to write the historic book of KHORDEH AVESTA – Tajik language in 2002, and the book of Avestan Yashts.

Prof. Rustom Fuzaylov with Dr. Meher Master Moos at the Tajikistan Technological University in Khujand- September 2003

n Sept.  2003 the Tajikistan Government, Ministry of Culture held the 3rd Avesta World Conference. Vol. 1 of the Book of Avestan Yashts was released by the Minister for Culture. Photos shows Hon. Mr. Rahmonov, brother of His Excellency Emomali  Rahmonov, President of Tajikistan with Zoroastrian College President, at book release function.

    Z. C. collaborates with Tajikistan Friendship Society headed by Madame Maisara Kolonova. Picture shows from R To L Madame Maisra Kolonova, Ministry of Culture lady representative, Z.C President, Lady Deputy prime Minister of Tajikistan, Wife of the Mayor of the City, Chairman of the Tajikistan Academy of Sciences and Mr. Bhavik Patel

Madame Maisara Kolonova, President, Tajikistan Friendship Society being gifted the book Zoroastrians World Wide at the Millennium by Meher Master- Moos in Dushanbe, 2001, with Ervad Bahadur Nalladaroo looking on.




In 1993 Zoroastrian College had sponsored a Delegation of leading ladies of Tajikistan to visit India to attend an Inter Faith Peace Conference. They were so impressed, that on returning to their Country, they saw to it that the Tajikistan new Republic Constitution followed the Indian secular Constitution model, instead of becoming yet another Islamic Republic in Central Asia.  
Tajikistan President EMOMALY RAHMANOV with  Z.C. Delegation's Khurshid Cooper , Dr M. Master-Moos & Mr. Firoze Andhyarujin

In 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 and 2003, the Zoroastrian College sponsored Delegations from Tajikistan to visit India; and in 1992,1996, 2001 and 2003 also sent Delegations from India to Tajikistan as guests of the Tajik Govt. Friendship Society.

Photographs taken at Dushanbe, September 2003 at the
UNESCO declared 3000 anniversary celebrations revival
of Zoroastrian Religion and Culture.